KATAM utför testmätningar åt Växjö Stift

KATAM utför testmätningar åt Växjö Stift Växjö stift har uppdragit åt KATAM att utföra mätningar i fyra av stiftets rotposter i syfte testa den nya teknikens gränser. Genom att mäta i stiftets rotposter har mätresultaten från KATAM kunnat jämföras med traditionell mätning med klave. KATAM och Växjö stift – Slutrapport KATAM och Växjö stift – Bilaga med mätrapporter KATAM bjuder tillsammans med Växjö stift in till exkursion den 19 september

Krister Tham


With his background as a Private Forest Owner and R&D Project Manager at Sony Mobile Communications, Krister decided to establish KATAM in 2015 and use his experience from the mobile industry and solve the problems he worked with on a daily basis



After traveling the world, Linus was contacted by Krister in 2016, and joined KATAM soon thereafter, adding his multi-faceted software development experience to the mix.

Anton Holmström

International Coordinator

In early 2018, Anton found KATAM, and it was a perfect match. Soon thereafter, he took a break from his job shaping the future of Swedish Forest Management at the Swedish Forest Agency to help bring KATAM to an international audience

Hans Thunander

Business Development

As Anton's mentor for many years, it did not take long for Hans to discover KATAM after Anton joined. Leaving his retirement behind, Hans decided to head back into the forest industry from which he had a life-long experience - to start the next forest industry revolution.