AI for forestry is widely launched

Katam Technologies today launches its new product, a web portal with AI-based services for interpreting images and films of forest stands. This will optimize management and increase yields in forestry, as well as create climate benefits as more forests provide more bound carbon dioxide. The company is raising SEK 10 million in a new round where 70 percent is ready, according to the company’s CEO and founder Krister Tham.

Katam and pcSKOG bring the forestry plan to life with a new service

The digitalization of forestry provides new and unimaginable opportunities to collect and process data. Now Katam Technologies and pcSKOG have launched a smart service that will help optimize management and yield from the forest. The new service enables forest owners and other actors to, in the field, measure and create precise decision data that are uploaded directly to the forestry plan. The demand for smart solutions in forestry is increasing and now we, together with Read More…

Digital forest measurement

Anton Holmström from Katam visited Skogspodden to demonstrate digital forest measurement with drones. Perfect to do as an evaluation after thinning so that you can make an even better planning and execution of the thinning next time, was Skogspodden’s statement. Read the full post here, in the latest issue of ATL. (in Swedish) Digital skogsmätning

Autonomous drones can measure the forest

“Drones are widely used in forestry and at the Swedish Forest Agency to get an overview of the forest. Now there are also autonomous drones that can measure the forest.”  Read more about Katam in the magazine Skogseko. (Swedish)

KATAM ™ Forest Pro is launched today!

It is with great pleasure and pride that we today are launching the KATAM ™ Forest Pro on Google Play and on our website. KATAM ™ Forest Pro is a game changer  on the forest market and challenges the old and manual measuring methods that are used today – welcome to the future ! The app enables fast and smooth measurement of extensive test surfaces, which are also flexible in shape and size. For measured Read More…

Katam awarded at Elmia

Winner of SkogsElmia Innovation Award 2019 Katam Technologies AB – Katam Forest Motivation from the jury: An app for the mobile phone to measure forest. Measurements performed are objective and traceable. As a supplement to KATAM Forest there is KATAM Treetop detection which allows all trees to be detected with position and height based on a drone photo. By correlating this data with ground measurements with KATAM Forest, all trees in a stock or on Read More…