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Enhancing Forest Management with Katam

What matters to us, is to help you to improve the management of your forests and obtain high quality data. To achieve this goal, we have numerous approaches at our disposal.

By Veronica Axelsson, 2 days ago

Survival and uniformity analysis: a key role for strategic decisions

After many years in Latin America, Katam has developed an attitude to always be open to solve the demands of our customers.

By Veronica Axelsson, 1 month ago

Digitalization of forests: How Katam is changing the global sector

Have you ever imagined the possibility of using technology that increases productivity, reduces costs, generates a competitive advantage and even improves the results of your company’s forest inventory, in a simple and practical way?

By Veronica Axelsson, 2 months ago

From smartphones to GoPros: Katam’s new methodology to collect forestry data

We are happy to inform you that after the great success with drones and smartphones, Katam innovates once again using a new tool for collecting forest data: the GoPro camera.

By Veronica Axelsson, 4 months ago

“Katam – where tradition meets innovation”

Professor Ana Paula Dalla Corte of the University of Paraná in Brazil cites Katam’s work in the scientific publication “Forest Inventory: Planning and Execution, 4th Edition” (Dalla Corte et al., 2023). We at Katam are pleased to be included in such a significant publication for forest inventory. Professor Dalla Corte talks about how Katam is […]

By Krister, 8 months ago

Katam Introduces New Service and Showcases Innovations at ExpoForest – Latin America’s Largest Forestry Fair

Katam is excited to announce its presence at ExpoForest, the premier forestry fair in Brazil, taking place from August 9th to 11th. We will showcase our comprehensive digital forest inventory toolbox through practical demonstrations, offering insights into the utilization of the Katam system to enhance forest productivity.

By Veronica Axelsson, 11 months ago

Katam Technologies Strengthens Presence in Latin America with New Sales and Support Office in Brazil

Katam Technologies is proud to announce the establishment of its new sales and support office in Brazil, operating as the legal entity “Katam Brasil.” This strategic move exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing personalized customer support and facilitating the digital transformation of forest management for its valued B2B customers in Latin America.

By Veronica Axelsson, 11 months ago

Katam Technologies Appoints Magnus Karlson as CEO to Accelerate Market Expansion

Katam Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Magnus Karlson as the new CEO. Magnus Karlson brings extensive experience from his tenure as the Sales Manager at Katam for the past two years, along with a strong background in B2B business sales (Linde Gas) and digital transformation of B2B enterprises.

By Veronica Axelsson, 11 months ago

Katam Technologies Secures 6 Million SEK Investment to Power Global Expansion

Katam proudly announces the successful completion of a 6 million SEK investment round. The investment, primarily contributed by existing shareholders, reflects their unwavering belief in the company’s strategic direction and vision.

By Veronica Axelsson, 11 months ago

Katam launches the world’s first service for capturing tree trunk data using camera drones

Katam continues to provide global forestry with services for precise decision support and increased wood growth and quality. By using autonomous drones for video recordings, Katam now introduces an additional method for acquiring forest data.

By Krister, 2 years ago