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Katam Introduces New Service and Showcases Innovations at ExpoForest – Latin America’s Largest Forestry Fair

Katam is excited to announce its presence at ExpoForest, the premier forestry fair in Brazil, taking place from August 9th to 11th. We will showcase our comprehensive digital forest inventory toolbox through practical demonstrations, offering insights into the utilization of the Katam system to enhance forest productivity.

We are also pleased to introduce an exciting new service aimed at addressing the evolving needs of our customers – the Survavibility control. This service offers a more efficient and digitalized approach to plant survival monitoring. In addition to our existing drone-based plant survival control from aerial perspectives, we are introducing an innovative system that harnesses ground-level video recording. Using a GoPro camera, users can effortlessly walk along plant rows, capturing video footage of the thriving plants. Our advanced Katam forest detection system accurately assesses the size and height of each individual plant while identifying any deceased or missing ones.

Plant survival control by GoPro video camera

The Benefits for Our Customers:

Katam enterprise service for terrestrial forest measurement.

Join us at Expo Forestal to experience these game-changing innovations firsthand and discover how Katam is revolutionizing forest management through cutting-edge technology.