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Katam Technologies Strengthens Presence in Latin America with New Sales and Support Office in Brazil

Press release:

2 of August 2023, Lund, Sweden

Katam Technologies, a leading provider of innovative forest management solutions, is proud to announce the establishment of its new sales and support office in Brazil, operating as the legal entity “Katam Brasil.” This strategic move exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing personalized customer support and facilitating the digital transformation of forest management for its valued B2B customers in Latin America.

“We are excited to launch our new sales and support office in Brazil,” said Magnus Karlson, newly appointed CEO at Katam Technologies. “This strategic initiative is driven by our dedication to meeting our customers where they are and supporting them throughout their digital transformation journey in forest management.”

Katam Technologies has worked successfully with its agent, Agrodata, in Brazil for several years. However, the company’s rapid growth in Latin America has prompted the establishment of an independent legal entity, Katam Brasil, to better serve its expanding customer base.

“As Katam continues to grow in Latin America, we recognize the need for a dedicated local presence,” added Karlson. “By transferring four Katam employees from Agrodata to Katam Brasil, we aim to ensure seamless continuity in supporting our customers while maintaining a strong partnership with Agrodata.”

Katam Technologies remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing the forestry industry through advanced AI technologies and cloud-based services. The establishment of Katam Brasil signifies a milestone in the company’s growth trajectory, positioning it as a dedicated partner to its valued customers in Latin America.

Katam Technologies is a leading technology company specializing in forest measurement and management solutions. The company’s cloud service provides enterprise customers with advanced tools for efficient forest asset management, facilitating data-driven decision-making and promoting sustainable practices.