Privacy Policy

When making use of the KATAM™ software platform, including but not limited to KATAM™ Forest and KATAM™ Web, you trust us with your information.

This policy describes the data we collect from you, why we collect it, and how we utilize it throughout our services. If there are any discrepancies between the English version of this policy and any other language you may read it in, the English version holds precedence.

Our platform is constructed to help you make the most of all data stored within our systems, and to assist you in making informed decisions with all the information you extract as a base. As part of this, we collect certain information about you, and from the data you provide us.

The remainder of this document will explain:

  • What information we collect and why we do so.
  • How we use the collected information.
  • What you can do to access and view the information we store.

Personal Data and measurements in KATAM

We collect data related to you in three ways:

You provide us information directly

To use many of our services, you will need an account on the KATAM™ platform. When you create this account, we will ask you for certain personal information, for example your name and email (your account name), any company you’re affiliated with as part of your account, and your phone number.

This personal information is managed confidentially within our KATAM™ platform, and may be referred to via your account name within data uploaded to KATAM™ Web. Such data may be used for example to get in touch with you as part of our work process, to handle software licensing, or to contact you in a support-related task. It will only ever be visible to KATAM™, to any licensed KATAM™ reseller or support function you are in contact with to utilize our software and to your affiliated company, unless we have acquired explicit consent from you to share this data with a third party for any other purpose.

When you utilize our software for its intended purpose to create measurement data, you provide us with detailed recordings of your device usage at that time. For example, a measurement within KATAM™ Forest includes video data, sensor data from motion sensors, location information, and other various sensor metrics. Together with this, we also store detailed device-specific information, such as hardware model, operating system version, device identifiers and other details, to better be able to analyze results arriving to us from your unique device.

In addition to our workflow and support functionality, this also provides us with the means to backup measurements and share them with others you have elected to share measurements with; and allows us to provide improved statistics to you for projects managed in our software.

We extract further information through data you provide us

While processing measurements is normally done locally within a device, uploading to our platform and reprocessing it as part of our development processes is a critical component in improving our algorithms over time.

Such data is managed within the KATAM™ Web platform, and will be utilized to continuously improve our software. For example, we may send measurement data to third parties for manual processing. We may also in some circumstances display video data to third parties for showcasing or marketing purposes.

While the measurement itself will be anonymous, we cannot take responsibility for the content within a video, and therefore ask that you take care not to record personally identifiable data or other sensitive information using our software. Should such an issue arise, we ask that you contact us immediately.

Furthermore, when you utilize our software and upload measurement data and any processing results to the KATAM™ Web platform, you are agreeing that KATAM Technologies AB may utilize such data at its discretion in accordance with this privacy policy and our EULA.

Note that when you acknowledge third-party application requests to utilize data within our software, for example through an API request, you are agreeing that information about all of your processed measurements may be sent to such third-parties. This may include both processed and unprocessed data, as well as your account name. Please carefully review their privacy policies with regards to your measurements before acknowledging such a request.

We determine things from the way you use our application

When you access various components within our software, we use logging and metrics tools to track the usage thereof. This allows us to identify crashes, navigational issues, slowdowns, and other deficiencies which we may then resolve to provide an improved experience for all our users.

Access and manage your data

Personal data stored within our software in a mobile device may be accessed through our application user interface and the provided software APIs. Note that any measurements and measurement results are not considered personal data, but results to which access must be purchased through a license agreement.

To securely delete all your application data and any locally stored measurement data or processed results, use the provided “Delete application data” interface in your device. Note that unless such data has been uploaded to the KATAM™ Web platform, it will no longer be accessible.

Personal data stored in our online platform is currently accessible only by contacting KATAM, and a full set of all our stored online personal information may be provided to you by submitting a request to Measurement data and other non-personal data such as processed results may be accessible at our discretion and in accordance with your license to our software.