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Digitalization of forests: How Katam is changing the global sector

Have you ever imagined the possibility of using technology that increases productivity, reduces costs, generates a competitive advantage and even improves the results of your company’s forest inventory, in a simple and practical way?

As pioneers in the digitalization of forests, we understand very well how technology is constantly changing the forestry sector worldwide. Since the 2000s, global demand for forest biomass has increased by 150% and is expected to increase by 70 to 150% by 2050. Therefore, companies in the sector need to prepare to meet this demand, and technifying their processes is the first step towards remaining competitive in the market.

But how is Katam using these technologies to change the global forestry landscape?

Companies located in more than 80 countries, such as Indonesia, Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay have already seen their results maximized with Katam’s technology.

Join us in this change, get in touch and schedule a chat to show us how we can reap great rewards together in an increasingly digital world.