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Katam Technologies signs contract with Irani

Katam has signed a three-year contract with Irani Paper and Packaging S.A., one of the main sustainable paper and packaging corporations in Brazil. The work will be carried out from 2022 to 2025. Katam started to work with Irani in early 2021, by implementing a successful pilot installation.

By Veronica Axelsson, 2 years ago

Katam Technologies signs contract with the global wood, pulp and paper company CMPC

Katam has been awarded a contract worth more than US$100.000 to assist with forestry decision support in Chile. The work will be carried out through 2022. Katam and CMPC have been collaborating over the last three years. CMPC has used Katam’s technology to perform everyday processes in smaller areas. This is now scaled up to […]

By Veronica Axelsson, 2 years ago

Using digital tools to reduce costs on continuous cover forestry

Continuous cover forestry is popular among forest owners, but it can also be difficult and more expensive. However, Katam’s technology can see and understand the forest environment in order to give them the support they need to overcome their challenges.   They use Katam to: – Make a selective felling of trees – Plan and mark […]

By Veronica Axelsson, 2 years ago

Measurement with a mobile phone helps to increase growth in the forest

With the help of a camera in the phone and drones, the forest can be measured accurately and quickly. Anton Holmström sees great benefit with Katam’s digital tools for Swedish forestry, but notices greater interest abroad. – The big problem is not the technological development but the mindset change that is needed in forest owners […]

By Veronica Axelsson, 3 years ago

Katam Technologies raise nearly €1 million

Using AI and computer vision, Skåne-based Katam Technologies has developed a drone measurement and cloud-based evaluation service that aims to collect and provide high precision forestry data using a mobile phone or drone. “For us, a new chapter begins, now we can plan long-term. Most of the money will go to building a sales department. […]

By Veronica Axelsson, 3 years ago

Almi Invest invests in Katam’s digital forest management

The following article is originally in Swedish, published on Almi Invest Greentech invests 5 million SEK in Katam Technologies, which develops digital services for better forest management using AI and computer vision. Private investors also participate in the issue of a total of 10 million SEK. The money will be used for commercialization and […]

By Veronica Axelsson, 3 years ago

Great potential for improvement

ATL intervjuade Håkan Dunberg angående de möjligheter han ser med Katams mobilapp och drönardata.

99 av 100 gallringar hade kunnat göras bättre. Det anser Håkan Dunberg, som ser stora möjligheter med att använda nya tekniska hjälpmedel.

By Veronica Axelsson, 3 years ago

Great profits with better thinning data

Anton Holmström från Katam blev intervjuad av ATL, ämnet var optimering av gallring med hjälp av bildanalys.

Med bilder från drönaren kan Anton Holmström få fram exakta data om beståndet både före och efter gallring. Data som sen kan användas för att optimera gallringen och göra en uppföljning av resultatet

By Veronica Axelsson, 3 years ago

Katam initiates Vinnova project for inventory of damaged forests with autonomous drones

The project “Inventory of damaged forests with autonomous drones” is included in the new Vinnova investment in solutions for a sustainable and safer society with the help of drones. Katam has, as one of 15 Swedish companies, been approved financing, and will realize the project during the year of 2021. Due to current rate of […]

By Wilhelm Tham, 3 years ago

AI for forestry is widely launched

Katam Technologies today launches its new product, a web portal with AI-based services for interpreting images and films of forest stands. This will optimize management and increase yields in forestry, as well as create climate benefits as more forests provide more bound carbon dioxide. The company is raising SEK 10 million in a new round […]

By Wilhelm Tham, 3 years ago