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“Katam – where tradition meets innovation”

Professor Ana Paula Dalla Corte of the University of Paraná in Brazil cites Katam’s work in the scientific publication “Forest Inventory: Planning and Execution, 4th Edition” (Dalla Corte et al., 2023).

We at Katam are pleased to be included in such a significant publication for forest inventory.

Professor Dalla Corte talks about how Katam is changing the forestry industry, making digitalization their strength. The idea at the base of this change is the use of familiar devices such as smartphones, cameras, and drones, which are commonly used by companies working in the industry.

The main product of Katam is the Katam Enterprise Portal. Through the portal, it is possible to extract specific data about tree heights, diameters, and density from images and videos acquired with drones. This tool assists in generating reports summarising the collected data, simplifying forest management.
Katam also offers an innovative app based on the Katam Engine that runs without an internet connection and allows the collection and visualisation of data on the field. 

Thanks to these new forest measurement methodologies and the focus on change management, Katam is foreseeing a substantial change in the forest industry, improving profits and becoming more sustainable.

Dalla Corte, A. P., et al., (2023). Inventários Florestais: Planejamento e Execução – 4ª Revista e Ampliada.