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Katam's stand-alone products

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Katam Portal

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Digital services for all geographies and tree types

Wherever your forestry business is located in the world, our experts are ready to help you digitalize and optimize your processes.







Upgrade and digitalize your workflow

Every forestry business is unique. Let us know which processes you are looking to upgrade.

How Katam can help your business


Get a detailed snapshot of a forest stand or property to use as decision support when selling or buying wood.

Quality assurance

Confirm that the right number of trees remain for optimal tree densities after a thinning operation.

Single tree management

Monitor your individual trees with their exact GPS positions.

Disease identification

Find small diseased spots in a stand with Katam’s high-precision visualizations.

And more

Starting a new project with Katam

Learning about your current practices to help you improve your processes and output.

1-3 days of training

Simple pilot project

Most companies start using Katam by executing a proof of concept or pilot. This means that you can test the Katam toolbox together with local Katam forestry experts who will visit your forest for 1-3 days.

Integration and optimization

Optimizing Katam for you

After training and confirming that the technology works in your environment, your team specifies their current needs. Katam then customizes the exact reports and your preferred file formats. Many formats are available, such as PDF, Excel and shapefiles, or it can be integrated directly with your systems.

Let’s talk about forestry

Every collaboration starts with a casual conversation over a video link. Tell us about your forestry business, unique challenges and opportunities.

Katam's stand-alone products

Small businesses and individual forest owners get fast and accurate measurements by using the Katam app or the Katam portal as stand-alone products.

Measure with smartphones

Walk or drive among the trees and to record data.

Katam App

Free Trial

Capture high-quality data conveniently with just your Android smartphone. Standard reports are generated immediately after measurement.


Measure with drones and more

The drone autonomously captures your forest from above.

Katam Portal

Store and process your drone and smartphone measurements in the Katam Portal. Generate advanced reports, interactive maps and more.


Learn more about how to use Katam

Measure forests with a smartphone

How to get started with the Katam app

Measure forests with a drone

How to use drone footage with the Katam portal

Learn more about how to get started with forest measurements using the Katam app or the Katam portal.