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Survival and uniformity analysis: a key role for strategic decisions

After many years in Latin America, Katam has developed an attitude to always be open to solve the demands of our customers.

Last year, we received many reports of problems in the analysis of young plantations. Today in the inventory of 30-120 days carried out in many companies, few data is collected and this sets a precedent for unconscious data, rework, resource expenditure and miscellaneous problems.

In this way, the productivity of a plot for the entire life cycle is defined, mainly, in the implantation phase and if 10% of the seedlings die and are not replanted in time, the productivity of the plot will never exceed 90%.

Considering this situation, we saw that the challenge was simple: obtain more representative and accurate data to efficiently assess the uniformity and survival of plantations. However, a new technology would need to be developed and validated in the field, and of course, Katam promptly accepted this challenge.

This project is still in development, but the expected impact can be observed in the sampling intensity of the collections, which will be at least 3%. This will provide a big leap in the productivity of the collection and consequently, more data to be extracted and interpreted. In addition, there will also be a large reduction in action time, that is, the company will start to identify and solve the problems faster, once that obtaining more data will reflect a clearer understanding of the possible problems.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Katam is playing an innovative role in developing unprecedented methodologies for the forestry sector. Our mission is to digitize the forest sector in Brazil and around the world.

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