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Tradition meets innovation

We believe digitalization will radically change forestry for the better. Digital processes give businesses precise data and helps them become more economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our goal is to help all forestry businesses reduce waste and costs through better planning. An increased global forest growth will not only raise profits for companies, but also achieve improved CO2 absorption.

“Working with Katam has been a game changer for me. Since I started, I feel that I have space to grow, to create, be innovative and to learn. Katam's culture captivates me, because is the type of company that you feel good to be a part of. It's a nice environment with amazing people.”

Luiza Federici,
Forest Engineer, Katam

Forest experts grounded in technology

Katam is a diverse team of about 25 professionals specialized in forestry, mathematics, computer vision, AI and change management. We come from 15 different countries and our ages span from 18 to 70. We are passionately committed to improve society and the climate by maximizing the utilization of forest land.

Together we have broad professional and cultural backgrounds with rich experiences from forestry around the globe. We combine this know-how with expertise in cutting-edge technology and academic knowledge from some of the world’s best universities. Our customers motivate us to deliver the best solutions for them and for the world.

“I have worked as a forest manager, but realize that the time has arrived to switch to new methods. In modern agriculture, precision farming is the norm, which has proven its value. I strongly believe that precision forestry will improve yields and economy, but then we need fresh data with high resolution.”

Hans Thunander,
Forest Engineer, Katam

“It’s amazing to see how Katam is helping forestry businesses and entrepreneurs to get valuable data in an easier way. There is an incredible feeling whenever we receive a comment saying how amazing this technology is. I know we are making this technology available for everyone and it’s great!”

Johanna Bernuy,
MBA Marketing, Katam

A traditional industry is on the move

We believe forestry is lagging behind other industries when it comes to digitalization. While other industries work with Six Sigma methodologies and fully automated processes, ours still works with caliper and angle gauge. In general, forests are still measured with the same methods that our fathers and grandfathers used.

At Katam, we’re convinced this will change and already seeing that the industry is ready for digitalization. People in more than 80 countries already use Katam’s tools to measure their forest. They now collect data on forests using everything from standard smartphones to drones and advanced Lidar laser equipment.

“I love working at Katam because it allows me to leverage my skills in GIS and remote sensing. In addition to this, I have gotten an opportunity to enhance my acumen in programming as well as machine learning. Working at Katam has exposed me to a diverse team of varying backgrounds and interests united by a common goal which is a reason my time here has been so enjoyable.”

Kevin Chelule,
Developer, Katam

“Katam is in constant change and it’s exciting to be a part of it. Even as a student, it’s possible to be part of its development. It’s especially fun and interesting to me since there is such a big need and potential in digital solutions that can contribute to a more sustainable forestry.”

Veronica Axelsson,
Developer, Katam

More than just technology

Having access to state-of-the-art technology and better data is only the beginning of the changes that the forestry industry needs. Changing old, established processes and habits is often an even bigger challenge. Therefore, we always advise forestry enterprises to focus on change management.

Most of our customers start by doing a pilot or proof of concept. They try out our tools in their own forest environment for a few days, supported by on-site Katam staff. When they decide that the technology actually works for them, Katam assists them in building a business case, creating new processes and making a change plan to ensure that all intended goals can be achieved.

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