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How Plockhugget uses Katam to plan close-to-nature forestry

Katam’s solutions enable Plockhugget to make continuous cover forest management more efficient, and it enables forest owners to profit from close-to-nature forestry.

Primary use case
Industry segment
Close-to-nature forestry

Sustainable and resilient forestry

Plockhugget is a Swedish forestry consultancy that helps forest owners adopt methods for close-to-nature forestry. Their goal is to make sustainable forestry profitable and available to all forest owners who care about resilience and biodiversity.

Plockhugget helps forest owners adopt a forestry standard for sustainably sourced wood, which is requested by many buyers.

After a forest owner agrees to Plockhugget’s standards, a careful forestry management is implemented

The challenge

Limited precision in felling plans

There is a growing number of forest owners that are dissatisfied with conventional forest management that generate large clear-cut areas. Instead, they want to maintain the beauty and biodiversity of their forests while still being able to harvest trees. This is why they are interested in close-to-nature forestry.

When harvesting only selected trees, felling needs to be planned in detail to be profitable. How do you decide and communicate what trees to fell and which ones to keep? Standard forestry plans are limited in this context, since they mainly provide average values about tree heights and trunk diameters.


“In standard forestry plans, you get a lot of average values that aren’t always useful. With Katam, we get the precise diameters for every scanned tree, so we know the exact diameter distribution and can create plans with much better precision.”

Markus Steen, Forestry Advisor

Every year, more forest owners become interested in close-to-nature forestry

The solution

Exact maps and felling plans

Plockhugget replaced traditional measurement tools with Katam’s solutions, such as smartphone and drone measurements of forests. This enables them to create more precise and efficient forestry plans, which makes close-to-nature forestry profitable.

By using Katam’s digital measuring tools, Plockhugget produces precise maps with detailed data about each individual tree. It also helps them plan access routes that increased the efficiency of machine operators.

Operational planning

Close-to-nature forestry requires that machines enter a forest stand more regularly. Katam provides maps that support decision-making for efficient route planning.

Quality control

Machine operations get detailed data and maps on the operator monitor. The management is measured during and after operation to ensure that they fully comply with their assignment.

Precision in harvest

Plockhugget scans forests with drones and then receives detailed maps from Katam. Every single mature tree that will be harvested is marked on the map that the harvesting machine operator uses.

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