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How CMPC gets the optimal number of trees during thinning

Primary use case
Industry segment
Pine, quality timber

100 years of multinational forestry

CMPC is a multinational corporation that has been delivering sustainable solutions for 100 years. This global enterprise produces wood products, pulp and paper that are renowned for their quality. All products are derived from fibers originating from sustainable, certified plantations.

Their industrial operations span seven South American countries and Mexico and they employ and collaborate with more than 19 000 people.

A variety of stem sizes felled during thinning

The challenge

Achieving precision in thinning

When a Chilean pine stand is 20 years old, it is ready for harvesting. Tree density is the main factor that defines the output volume and profitability of a stand. To optimize the volume of a forest stand,  thinning needs to be precise. This poses challenges both during the planning, execution and follow-up of thinning operations.

During thinning, machine operators usually make numerous ad-hoc decisions to fulfil the requirements of the forest owner. Until now, this has been a process that was difficult to plan and evaluate in detail, both for the operator and the forest owner. 

“Katam has created a lot of expectations by building a structure that helps us to increase the value of our forest.”

Jean Pierre Lasserre, CMPC

Katam training session in CMPC's forest

The solution

Data-driven thinning operations

To optimize the correct number of trees for harvest, CMPC now collects forestry data using smartphones and drones.

The data is analyzed by Katam’s cloud-based AI algorithms and delivered as detailed reports and high-resolution maps to CMPC. 

CMPC uses this processed data to plan, execute and follow up on their forestry operations. Since almost all profit from a Chilean pine forest stand is made at the final harvest, it is crucial that all operations during the lifecycle of the stand focus on achieving the correct number of trees.

With Katam, machine operators can now plan access roads with higher precision and get detailed information about how many trees to remove in any given position anywhere in a stand. After thinning, the machine operator can report exactly where trees have been felled, which leads to increased productivity and quality.

Summary and results

Optimal forest density

With precise measurements before and after thinning, CMPC ensures that all their pine stands get the optimal density for the most profitable harvest.

Improved work flow

Machine operations get detailed maps on the operator monitor so they know how many trees to harvest within the machine’s reach. They can measure tree density to ensure that they fully comply with their assignment.

Efficient road planning

CMPC scans their forests with drones and then receives detailed maps from Katam. The maps are then used to plan optimal access roads to every area with forest stands.

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