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How Irani uses Katam to achieve optimal density for pine forests

With drone and smartphone measurements, Irani receives precise density information before and after thinning to optimize pine growth for resin production.

Primary use case
Non-commercial thinning
Industry segment
Pine, resin

Pioneers of sustainability

Irani is one of the leading companies in the Brazilian paperboard and packaging paper segments. Their forestry units consist of almost 34,000 hectares. As pioneers of sustainability, Irani is the first company in the world in the resin segment to have its forest management certified to FSC® standards.

With this certification, they ensure that the entire process followed by their raw materials is monitored from the forest to the marketed product.

Resin harvesting from pine trees

The challenge

Achieving precision in thinning

When growing pine for resin production, self-rejuvenation often leads to suboptimal density in forest stands. In southern Brazil, a pine stand reaches maturity for resin harvesting after 12 years and it needs thinning after approximately 10-11 years.

When thinning, it is important to know the right number of trees to be cut down and communicate that to the machine operators. After thinning is completed, both the operators and the administrators need to follow up and confirm that the right number of trees remain and that the density is optimal for future harvesting.

“The technology provided by KATAM provides us with relevant information about the forest. This data we use to implement new processes and improve traditional forest inventory.”

Angelo Victor de Medeiros, Irani

Katam visiting Irani’s pine plantation

The solution

Precise data and reports at any time

Irani initiated a collaboration with Katam to be able to measure the tree density of their pine forests with better precision.

With help from Katam, the Irani team now uses smartphones and drones to collect forestry information before, during and after thinning. The data collected is then analyzed by AI algorithms in Katam’s cloud-based forest analysis system. It generates reports with detailed and high-resolution data to Irani.

Irani uses these reports to administer, execute and follow up on their forestry operations. Among the benefits of the collaboration is the expected increase in forest quality and productivity, as well as the digitalization of the company’s processes.

Optimal forest density

With precise measurements before and after thinning, Irani can ensure that all their pine stands get the optimal density of 750 trees per hectare.

Improved processes

With Katam, machine operations get up-to-date maps on the operator monitor. They make measurements during operation to get continuous feedback on performed thinning.

Precision in barking

Irani have found that detailed data improves precision during barking. It facilitates all communication with sub-contractors and makes follow-up controls fast and easy.

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