Our solution generates precise measurements for each individual tree. It helps you increase growth and CO2 absorption, and boost returns.

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Katam reports give you a detailed and convenient overview of tree heights, diameters and density in any stand. Capture video of the stand with a drone or smartphone and upload it to Katam for processing. You will get downloadable reports within minutes.

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Precise data wherever you need it

Precise planning

Optimise instructions for thinning strength and route planning in advance with more precise data. With Katam, you are always prepared to adapt to local variations in the total stand.

Efficient operations

Improve operation with up-to-date maps presented on the operator monitor. Make partial measurements during operation to get instant and continuous feedback on performed thinning.

Advanced analytics

Analyze the quality of the completed assignment. Compare the status before and after thinning. Get various type of reports and update the forest register with exact measurements of what is left in the stand.

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Jan Robertsson, Sweden

Jan Robertsson, Sweden

Forest planning consultant JR Skog

"I use Katam every day. It works well and saves time, especially when updating the forestry plan and logging planning."


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Continuous cover forestry requires more planning than traditional clear-cut felling, but Katam’s technology can help you do this work. Planning for continuous cover forestry takes longer because the transport roads must be planned extremely carefully. Read More