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Digital services to grow your forestry business

Increase your returns and achieve sustainable forest growth with Katam’s state-of-the-art workflow and digital tools.

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Katam helps forestry companies all over the world optimize operations through digitalization, solid data and planning.

You're in good company

Forestry companies of all sizes and kinds use Katam’s services to collect, process and make sense of their most important data.

Detailed measurement of your forest

Measure with smartphones

Walk or drive among the trees to record data.

Measure with drones

The drone autonomously records your forest from above.

Get precise measurements and a detailed overview of individual tree heights, diameters and density in any stand with Katam.

Always included with Katam

Digital Measurements

Use drones or smartphones to quickly and accurately measure forest stands.

Precise forest data

See detailed data and the distribution of tree heights, density and diameters.

Reports and decision support

Create rigorous reports to share with customers or your team.

Make informed decisions with Katam


Get a detailed snapshot of a forest stand or property to use as decision support when selling or buying wood.

Quality assurance

Confirm that the right number of trees remain for optimal densities after a thinning operation.

Single tree management

Monitor your individual trees, with their exact GPS positions.

Disease identification

Find small diseased spots in a stand with Katam’s high-precision visualizations.

No matter what type of forest you work with, we help you digitalize your processes. Read more about how Katam services can make your work flow more efficient and profitable.

Customer reviews

“Katam has created a lot of expectations by building a structure that helps us to increase the value of our forest.”

Jean Pierre Lasserre, CMPC


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Katam launches the world’s first service for capturing tree trunk data using camera drones

Katam continues to provide global forestry with services for precise decision support and increased wood growth and quality. By using autonomous drones for video recordings, Katam now introduces an additional method for acquiring forest data.
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Private forest owners in Sweden increase revenues with Katam

Göran Johansson, a private forest owner in Sweden, found in Katam a powerful tool to close more sales deals and increase his profits. He mentions that for every forest owner it is important to know exactly what they have; in this way, they will be able to give the wood buyers an accurate price.
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Developing a digital tool for forestry planning

Continuous cover forestry requires more planning than traditional clear-cut felling, but Katam’s technology can help you do this work. Planning for continuous cover forestry takes longer because the transport roads must be planned extremely carefully. Otherwise, there is a risk of blockages in waterways or damage to the roots of the unfelled trees.
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Katam Technologies signs contract with Irani

Katam has signed a three-year contract with Irani Paper and Packaging S.A., one of the main sustainable paper and packaging corporations in Brazil. The work will be carried out from 2022 to 2025. Katam started to work with Irani in early 2021, by implementing a successful pilot installation.
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