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Katam Technologies signs contract with Irani

Katam has signed a three-year contract with Irani Paper and Packaging S.A., one of the main sustainable paper and packaging corporations in Brazil. The work will be carried out from 2022 to 2025.

Katam started to work with Irani in early 2021, by implementing a successful pilot installation. The cooperation was initiated by Irani through their open innovation program called Irani Labs, aiming at digitalizing their processes. 

The Brazilian company, which was awarded among the Top 5 Pulp and Paper in the 100 Open Startups ranking for 2021, will now use smartphones and drones to collect forestry information. Then Katam, using its cloud-based forest analysis system with AI algorithms, will deliver detailed and high-resolution data to Irani.

The company will use the reports to administer, execute and follow up on their forestry operations. Among the benefits of the agreement is the expected increase in productivity and quality, as well as the digitalization of the company’s processes.  

About Katam
Katam is a global provider of software-based services that deliver data to the forestry sector, supporting operational decisions and long-term strategies. The company uses artificial intelligence, patented algorithms, and its forestry experts to transform forest data into valuable decision-making facts for customers all over the world. Katam is a Swedish company with local sales- and support offices in Brazil and in Chile.