Supported forest environments

KATAM™ Forest – Classification of forest environments

Katam’s smartphone-based forest measurement method is designed for production-oriented forest environments. Each tree to be detected must be visible from a few of different angles during the video recording. If the lower part of the tree is obstructed by undervegetation or dense branches, the system may not be able to identify the tree correctly. The ground level also needs to be fairly well defined and visible during the recording.

The forests exemplified below show which environments are suitable for measurement using KATAM™ Forest. The system is designed for class 1 and class 2. There will soon be more examples on forest environments related to the different classes.

Class 1 – Supported (recommended for beginners)

Class 2 – Supported (after some training)

Class 3 – Supported (requires very good recording skills)

Class 4 – Not supported

Non production forest environments – Not supported