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Katam launches the world’s first service for capturing tree trunk data using camera drones

Katam continues to provide global forestry with services for precise decision support and increased wood growth and quality. By using autonomous drones for video recordings, Katam now introduces an additional method for acquiring forest data.

Example of how to use autonomous drones for improved forestry operation – thinning quality assurance

A new service offered by Katam Technologies utilises autonomous drones to complement manual measurements of tree trunk diameter. With this new solution, forest owners and field personnel can avoid entering inaccessible, hilly, thorny, and even dangerous forests, such as tropical environments that are home to spiders and snakes.

Traditionally, drones are used in forestry by flying above the tree canopies. However, when flying above the trees, information about the trunk diameter cannot be captured. Luckily, highly affordable consumer drones are now equipped with advanced navigation and collision systems that support flying within the forest itself, at just a few metres up. By using the drones for video recordings, Katam now introduces an additional method for capturing trunk data that serves as input to the Katam forest analysis system.

The new recording method using autonomous flying drones is a result of ADACORSA, an EU-funded project where Ericsson, Lund University, and Katam Technologies constitute the Swedish partners of the consortium. ADACORSA aims to strengthen the European drone industry. Its mission is to increase public and government acceptance of BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line-Of-Sight) drones by demonstrating technology for safe and reliable drone operation in all situations and flight phases. Katam brings domain knowledge of the forestry use case in addition to significant AI analysis experience.

Katam Technologies offers decision support services to the forestry sector, for operational as well as long-term strategic purposes. Patented algorithms, artificial intelligence and Katam’s own forestry experts, together ensure that forest data is transformed into valuable decision-making facts for global forestry. 

For more information about how to improve your business with Katam, contact the Katam sales team

Private forest owners in Sweden increase revenues with Katam

Göran Johansson, a private forest owner in Sweden, found in Katam a powerful tool to close more sales deals and increase his profits. He mentions that for every forest owner it is important to know exactly what they have; in this way, they will be able to give the wood buyers an accurate price.

Watch his story here!

Developing a digital tool for forestry planning

Continuous cover forestry requires more planning than traditional clear-cut felling, but Katam’s technology can help you do this work.

Planning for continuous cover forestry takes longer because the transport roads must be planned extremely carefully. Otherwise, there is a risk of blockages in waterways or damage to the roots of the unfelled trees.

Having the machines going into the forest several times quickly inflates the budget. Furthermore, many people think they will need to use smaller machines, but this is not the case. Entrepreneurs working with continuous cover forestry need to get good maps and data in order to make the most of their time and budget, by managing the selective cut in a faster way.

By using drone images, Katam’s technology can tell foresters which trees are the tallest and most suitable for felling. Forestry consultant Magnus Strandberg has worked with Katam to produce a map that shows the number of trees and their height.

Another of Katam’s solutions can be used to make measurements at ground level, to get tree diameters. For example, if a forester wants to select trees with a certain minimum diameter.

The first planning normally takes longer. “But then you have the road, and it can be easier to do the next felling without as much planning”, says Magnus Strandberg.

Read the whole article here. (In Swedish)

Katam Technologies signs contract with Irani

Katam has signed a three-year contract with Irani Paper and Packaging S.A., one of the main sustainable paper and packaging corporations in Brazil. The work will be carried out from 2022 to 2025.

Katam started to work with Irani in early 2021, by implementing a successful pilot installation. The cooperation was initiated by Irani through their open innovation program called Irani Labs, aiming at digitalizing their processes. 

The Brazilian company, which was awarded among the Top 5 Pulp and Paper in the 100 Open Startups ranking for 2021, will now use smartphones and drones to collect forestry information. Then Katam, using its cloud-based forest analysis system with AI algorithms, will deliver detailed and high-resolution data to Irani.

The company will use the reports to administer, execute and follow up on their forestry operations. Among the benefits of the agreement is the expected increase in productivity and quality, as well as the digitalization of the company’s processes.  

About Katam
Katam is a global provider of software-based services that deliver data to the forestry sector, supporting operational decisions and long-term strategies. The company uses artificial intelligence, patented algorithms, and its forestry experts to transform forest data into valuable decision-making facts for customers all over the world. Katam is a Swedish company with local sales- and support offices in Brazil and in Chile.

Katam Technologies signs contract with the global wood, pulp and paper company CMPC

Katam has been awarded a contract worth more than US$100.000 to assist with forestry decision support in Chile. The work will be carried out through 2022.

Katam and CMPC have been collaborating over the last three years. CMPC has used Katam’s technology to perform everyday processes in smaller areas. This is now scaled up to a fully operational forest management service over the next 12 months, covering many thousands of hectares. 

CMPC will collect forestry data using smartphones and drones. Katam’s cloud-based forest analysis system uses AI algorithms to deliver detailed high-resolution information to CMPC, which they will use to manage, execute and follow up on their forestry operations, with expected increased productivity and quality.

Katam’s CEO Krister Tham: “We are happy and proud to have won CMPC’s confidence and that they have decided to use our cloud service in their daily operations”.

Using digital tools to reduce costs on continuous cover forestry

Continuous cover forestry is popular among forest owners, but it can also be difficult and more expensive. However, Katam’s technology can see and understand the forest environment in order to give them the support they need to overcome their challenges.  

They use Katam to:

– Make a selective felling of trees

– Plan and mark routes for the harvester

– Provide timber buyers with accurate information about trees.

– Make forestry plans.

Katam’s solutions create an opportunity for a type of precision forestry where owners can adapt the management to each part of the stock. Overall, using Katam they get information about the stocks in a way they wouldn’t get otherwise.

Read the original version here. (In Swedish)

Read the full translation here.

Measurement with a mobile phone helps to increase growth in the forest

With the help of a camera in the phone and drones, the forest can be measured accurately and quickly. Anton Holmström sees great benefit with Katam’s digital tools for Swedish forestry, but notices greater interest abroad.

– The big problem is not the technological development but the mindset change that is needed in forest owners and industry.

Read the whole article here. (In Swedish)

Katam Technologies raise nearly €1 million

Using AI and computer vision, Skåne-based Katam Technologies has developed a drone measurement and cloud-based evaluation service that aims to collect and provide high precision forestry data using a mobile phone or drone.

“For us, a new chapter begins, now we can plan long-term. Most of the money will go to building a sales department. We have shown that our business also works in countries far away, so we dare to invest internationally directly.”

Read the whole article here. (In English)

Almi Invest invests in Katam’s digital forest management

The following article is originally in Swedish, published on

Almi Invest Greentech invests 5 million SEK in Katam Technologies, which develops digital services for better forest management using AI and computer vision. Private investors also participate in the issue of a total of 10 million SEK. The money will be used for commercialization and global expansion.

Katam, which was founded in 2016 in Lund, is a spinoff from the telecom industry and offers a SaaS service to improve and modernize the global forest industry. High-resolution data about the forest is collected with various tools such as apps, drones and other data sources. Through patented algorithms, artificial intelligence and Katam’s own forest experts, Katam transforms the forest data into a basis for decision for its customers around the world.

The services are useful for both large and small forest owners and Katam is already available in several continents, mainly in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Katam’s products enable greater precision in, among other things, thinning, which provides better maintenance, greater production and higher yields. At the same time, they contribute to a reduction in the global net emissions of carbon dioxide and an increase in the production value of forests.

With Katam’s software, the forest owner can film the forest with a regular smartphone or with a drone. Via AI and computer vision, the software identifies essential parameters such as individual trees, their height, diameter, species and position. The collected information is analyzed and processed into a quality-assured report to the forest owner, which provides a basis for better and more accurate forest management.

– Katam’s data-driven decision-making basis gives forestry increased volume growth and yield and is beneficial for both society and the climate, says Jörgen Bodin, Investment Manager at Almi Invest’s Greentechfond. In Sweden alone, there are 300,000 forest owners, which means that we see significant potential in Katam’s products.

Katam’s services are already used by customers both in Sweden and globally and the investment primarily aims to scale up the business to more countries. Further development of the product range is ongoing and there are plans to broaden to more customer segments in the near future.

– During the last year, we have completed about ten pilots, mainly in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Our SaaS solution has proven to work very well in emerging markets, despite the fact that many countries have been hit hard by Corona. This investment means that we can now meet the large international demand for our high-resolution decision-making basis for more efficient forest management, says Katam’s CEO Krister Tham.

For further information contact

Jörgen Bodin, Investment Manager Almi Invest Greentech, tel 072 205 26 79, mail

Krister Tham, CEO of Katam Technologies, tel 0702 488 563, email

About Almi Invest

Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active investor in startups. We make investments throughout the country via 8 regional venture capital companies and a national venture capital company within GreenTech. Almi Invest manages approximately 3.5 billion SEK and has since the start invested in approximately 600 startups. Our best holdings have been acquired by Google, Microsoft, Qlik and Apple, among others, or listed on various stock exchanges. Almi Invest is a venture capital company within the Almi Group, partly financed by the EU’s structural funds.

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Great potential for improvement

ATL interviewed Håkan Dunberg regarding the possibilities he sees with Katam’s mobile app and drone data.

99 out of 100 thinnings could have been done better. This is the opinion of Håkan Dunberg, who sees great opportunities in using new technical aids.

Read the whole article here. (Article in Swedish)