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Katam initiates Vinnova project for inventory of damaged forests with autonomous drones

The project “Inventory of damaged forests with autonomous drones” is included in the new Vinnova investment in solutions for a sustainable and safer society with the help of drones. Katam has, as one of 15 Swedish companies, been approved financing, and will realize the project during the year of 2021.

Due to current rate of climate change, damaged forests will become a more common and elevated problem that the society needs to relate to. The purpose of the project is, with the help of an experimental prototype along with stake holders, to work out safe and precise methods for the mapping and analyzing of dangerous trees and damaged, hazardous forests. The input has great potential to contribute to both elevated societal security, enhanced work environment and improved cost efficiency.

Katam conducts the project in cooperation with E.ON, Södra Skogsägarna, Skogsstyrelsen, the municipality of Botkyrka, Försvarets Materielverk (FMV) and the Brazilian forest company Bracell.

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Krister Tham, CEO Katam