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Katam and pcSKOG bring the forestry plan to life with a new service

The digitalization of forestry provides new and unimaginable opportunities to collect and process data. Now Katam Technologies and pcSKOG have launched a smart service that will help optimize management and yield from the forest.

The new service enables forest owners and other actors to, in the field, measure and create precise decision data that are uploaded directly to the forestry plan.

The demand for smart solutions in forestry is increasing and now we, together with pcSKOG, are taking another step to make it easier for our customers to drive sustainable and profitable precision forestry, says Krister Tham, CEO of Katam.

The service has been available since the beginning of October and already has registered users. All it takes to get started is a mobile phone with the KATAM ™ Forest app.

The mobile phone is something that you basically always have with you, so no major effort is required to make the recording when you are still out and about in the woods, says Krister Tham.

The integration with pcSKOG means that the user of the app can directly upload the stand data to the cloud service Planhotellet.

This collaboration takes us one step closer to the vision of the living forestry plan. The integration with Katam makes it even easier to keep your forestry plan updated, says Christian Donaldson, CEO of pcSKOG.

Katam has ongoing collaborations with more companies that offer planning systems, both nationally and internationally.

It is in our interest that the measurement data that is collected does not stay in the phone but comes to real use in forest planning, says Krister Tham.

Download the KATAM ™ Forest app on Google Play.

Katam Technologies offers the new generation of forest measurement methods that enable increased volume growth and yield for the global forest industry.

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