KATAM ™ Forest Pro is launched today!

Published by Wilhelm Tham on

It is with great pleasure and pride that we today are launching the KATAM ™ Forest Pro on Google Play and on our website.

KATAM ™ Forest Pro is a game changer  on the forest market and challenges the old and manual measuring methods that are used today – welcome to the future !

The app enables fast and smooth measurement of extensive test surfaces, which are also flexible in shape and size. For measured sample areas, basal area, average diameter, trees/ha and volume/ha are reported in a exportable Pdf.

We started developing the technology in 2016. Several partners and organizations have taken the opportunity to test the technology with excellent results.  With many requests to finalize the Pro version an intense work started during spring and fall 2019. And today we are ready to release the KATAM ™ Forest Pro to the Swedish and the International market.