Achieve optimal thinning for each part of the stand

Katam™ TreeMap shows the variations within a forest stand with distribution of stem density and tree height over all parts of the stand. The information provides a valuable basis for decision-making that enables optimal withdrawal as well as increased volume and yield in the long run.

Register variations within the stand
Basal area
Stem density
Identify tree species

Species and height is registered for each single tree. Also health status can be detected, e.g. dead trees due to spruce bark beetle attack (see picture). Trees that should saved for natural conservation reasons can be identified.

Find previous thinning paths

The system identifies existing network of previous thinning paths. Can be combined with topographic map and soil moisture map.

Fast and easy access

Get feedback on the ongoing thinning work directly in the field. Within a few hours after the drone recordings have been uploaded, KATAM™ TreeMap will deliver an analysis of the entire stand. The report can be directly exported to different types of forestry systems.

Match tree heights with tree diameters

Get volume information for each single tree by matching drone measurements from air with smartphone measurements from ground, using the Katam smartphone app. Provides a complete high-resolution stem inventory.

Make comparisons

Make comparisons of the forest stand before and after thinning, both in terms of quality and quantity. 

Comparison before and after thinning

The video shows before and after thinning. The red dots are trees that have been removed.