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Fast and easy forest inventory

  • Digital forest measurement in your smartphone
  • Higher precision and larger sample plots
  • Field adapted technology
  • Requires no Internet connection
  • Produce PDF-reports while still in field

KATAM™ Forest is a modern and flexible tool for anyone working with forest measurement. Whether you are a buyer, seller, manager, advisor or consultant, you benefit from the digital opportunities. With Katam’s app in your smartphone, you replace traditional analog measuring tools. You direct the camera towards the forest and after a short recording you receive extensive measurement data for the sample plot.

For each compilation at the stand level, diameter, and tree species distribution are reported. You specify either the mean height of the test sample plot or the tree height manually for specific trees. Average heights can also be imported from other databases.

With the app you collect inventory samples while you walk in the forest. The recording must be done perpendicular to your walking direction. There is now limited need of stopping to do sample plot. The recorded movie is being processed meanwhile you are walking and recording your next sample. Katams solution helps you to gather large sample plots in a very efficient way.

Supported forest environments

Katam’s smartphone-based forest measurement method is designed for production-oriented forest environments. Each tree to be detected must be visible from a few of different angles during the video recording. If the lower part of the tree is obstructed by undervegetation or dense branches, the system may not be able to identify the tree correctly. The ground level also needs to be fairly well defined and visible during the recording.

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