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Fast and easy forest scanning

  • Digital forest measurement in your smartphone
  • High precision and traceable measurements
  • Produce stand statistics and maps
  • Export of measurement data

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KATAM™ Forest is a modern and flexible tool for anyone working with forest measurement. Whether you are a buyer, seller, manager, advisor or consultant, you benefit from the digital opportunities. With Katam’s app in your smartphone, you replace traditional analog measuring tools. You direct the camera towards the forest and after a short recording you receive extensive measurement data for the sample surface.

Flexible test surfaces and extended measurement results

The digital technology enables fast and smooth measurement of extensive test surfaces, which are also flexible in shape and size. For measured sample areas, basal area, average diameter, trees/ha and volume/ha are reported. The GPS coordinates are saved and you can see the sample area boundaries as well as all detected trees plotted on the app’s map. By merging sample areas within a stand, data for all or part of the stand can be reported.

For each compilation at the stand level, diameter, and tree species distribution are also reported. You specify either the mean height of the test surface or the tree height manually for specific trees. Average heights can also be imported from other databases. With the help of drone photography and KATAM™ TreeMap, you also have the opportunity to supplement the measurement with all the individual tree heights in a stand.

Field adapted technology

All calculations and processes run locally on the phone and therefore do not require connection to the internet. A test area of 400 m2 usually takes less than a minute to record. A 20-second recording normally only takes a few minutes to process. Measurement result in AR view from a four minutes recording.

Export of measurement data to other systems

Measurement data from individual sample areas or compilations at the stand level can be exported locally to a master list in Excel format. In the file, each tree’s position, diameter, height, volume and tree species are marked. The file can then be imported into GIS tools or calculation tools.

Katam can also offer customized solutions for export, i.e. in pdf reports as well as conversion of measurement data directly to specific computer systems. For example, you can update your forestry plan or deliver measurement data to your logging plan directly in the field.

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Working method

With the app you can easily insert sample surfaces perpendicular to your own walking direction. A deployed sign serves as a reference. While the video is being processed locally in your phone, you can record additional sample areas. When the calculation is complete, you review the video where a 3D model is now marked on trees and terrain. In this way any deviations are made visible and you have the opportunity to correct these manually.

Limitation of functionality

KATAM™ Forest works well today for thinned production stands. The app is not adapted for stands that are younger, unthinned or with substantial under vegetation, see detailed description of supported forest environments.

Katam Forest

  • Get familiar with the measurement method
  • One plot area measurement at a time
  • Free to download and use

Download the KATAM™ Forest smartphone app

If you want to test the basic functionality of your mobile before you purchase a license, you can download the free version of KATAM™ Forest Mini. 

KATAM™ Forest works on most modern smartphones with Android 8+ and at least 3GB of RAM. KATAM™ Forest is available online as a public beta – See currently supported devices


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