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Katam brings the power and speed of digitalisation to your forestry business. Analyse tree density, height and diameter in any part of your stands. Use a drone or smartphone app to collect image data. Katam will generate the reports you need, right when you need them.

Scan your forest

Get started today using equipment you already own. Use a drone or an Android smartphone to capture video and scan the stands that you want to analyse.

Upload images

After scanning a stand, upload the video data to your online Katam account. Katam’s powerful cloud software will analyse the data and generate interactive charts and exportable reports.

Access reports & tools

Generate reports covering tree density, height and diameter. View interactive data online or download and print reports that you want to share with your team.

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Capture forest data in two ways

Katam’s software turns video and images into powerful data about your forest. Use the Katam Forest app on a smartphone to scan tree trunk diameters and tree density in selected areas of a stand. You can also use a drone to scan tree density and height in an entire stand. To get the most complete data and useful reports, you can combine both techniques.

Capture images with a drone

By capturing images with a drone, you can create an analysis of the entire stand while still working in the field. The KATAM TreeMap solution shows variations wthin a forest stand with distribution of tree density and height over all parts of the stand.

Smartphone scans

By capturing video with the KATAM Forest app, you can create a report that covers tree diameter and density of a scanned area directly in your smartphone. The app replaces traditional analog measuring tools.

See what you get

Download a sample report and see what Katam can do for your forestry business

“The solution that Katam offers today, and that works in practice, is revolutionary. To be able to quickly measure the basal area, and more, with a regular mobile phone and use the drone to record the height of each tree in just a few minutes on several hectares, is fantastic. As a planning tool and continuous follow-up this should be an obvious tool for thinning.”


Håkan Dunberg, Sweden