KATAM™ TreeMap

KATAM™ TreeMap

Online service that returns improved forest inventory
data from your own standard drone recordings:

  • List of geoposition and characteristics of each individual tree
  • Analysis of stand density and growth variations within the stand
  • Delivery within 24h

Take control of the thinning and harvesting operations using KATAM™ TreeMap. By minimizing your in-optimal losses, the net value will increase. Simply upload raw drone photos of an entire stand to Katam cloud service and receive detailed forest inventory, tree by tree.

Optimized forestry management based on individual tree data
KATAM™ TreeMap returns the position and characteristics of each individual tree. This allows you to analyse the stand’s local variations regarding stand density, height and species. With such detailed information, you can efficiently perform planning and follow-up of your forestry operations.

Strategic analysis over time
When you upload consecutive drone recordings, KATAM™ TreeMap will match tree by tree and compare data to determine local variations of e.g. thinning strength, height growth, Stand Index within the stand. By comparing data before and after thinning, you will receive valuable input for quality assessment of the forestry operations. The distribution of spatial area per tree helps you determine whether the thinning operation has made the stand more economically viable.

Combine with the KATAM™ Forest smartphone app for improved decisions
KATAM™ TreeMap can optionally match your drone recordings with ground based plot measurements from KATAM™ Forest smartphone app. The inventory data set will then be extended with individual tree diameter information from plot measurements, which allows determination of well defined diameter/height ratio functions. By extrapolation to the entire stand, KATAM™ TreeMap delivers complete tree lists with high accuracy volume estimations on individual tree level.


KATAM™ TreeMap cloud service
Within down to 24 hours after uploading your drone recordings, KATAM™ TreeMap cloud service will deliver a geo-referred list of trees in Excel format, together with a high resolution orthomosaic. Each tree in the list is specified by its position, height, diameter, volume, species, spatial index and detection ratio. The list of trees can then easily be exported by the customer to any GIS tool, such as QGIS. In addition, KATAM™ TreeMap generates various predefined reports, which can be customized upon request. The service also includes analysis of generated tree maps over time as well as integration with KATAM™ Forest plot measurements.



Drone recording 
You can carry out the video recordings using standard consumer drone equipment. A normal DJI drone can cover up to 30 hectares, using one battery with a mission flight time less than 20 minutes. In that time it collects 200-300 photos.

Contact information 
Contact Katam for more information about the KATAM™ TreeMap service and for quotation. We can also give recommendation of reliable 3rd part drone recording operators.