KATAM™ Forest Standard License (1 year)

2,800.00 kr

For digital forest measurement with high precision. This package includes a KATAM™ Forest Standard License, which is valid for 1 year, and 3 printed reference signs. Your license is personal (one installation on one device) and will be connected to the specified e-mail address. The reference signs are delivered free of charge worldwide. Price excl VAT (25%).



KATAM ™ Forest is a modern and flexible tool for anyone working with forest measurement.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, manager, advisor or consultant, you benefit from the digital opportunities. With Katam’s app in your smartphone, you replace traditional manual measuring tools. The digital technology enables fast and smooth measurement of extensive sample areas, which are also flexible in shape and size. For measured sample – areas, basal area, average diameter, tree / ha and volume / ha are reported.

Welcome to the future!

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Picture shows example of output data on your mobile