About us

We belive

  • that Scandinavian forestry lead the way!
  • that smart forestry is needed for sustainability and to reduce climat impact
  • that forestry is about to experience a giant leap in technology – smart, efficient , lean and profitable


We want

  • that all people should be able to measure forest
  • deliver good data that benefits all parties and leads to precision forestry


We offer

  • a technical solution that measures forests filmed with smartphones.
  • KATAM (TM) Forest Measurement App that measures each individual tree.
    The measurement can be combined with drone data from above. You will get data about the tree species, diameter, height, volume and position of each tree.
  • a step further to precision forestry


Katam Technologies AB is a newly formed innovation and product development company with its roots from the mobile telecommunications industry. We are driven by the idea to crossbreed Nordic traditional industries with innovative and advanced technology from the mobile telecommunications.